A solution for any mission

Establishing the right infrastructure to support drone operations and traffic growth for both manned and unmanned aviation will be critical to harnessing the potential of the sector. Bringing together established aviation stakeholders and new players to rethink airspace and scale up technologies is one of our key challenges.

It is estimated that the European drone market will represent EUR 10 billion annually by 2035 and over EUR 15 billion annually by 2050.

Given the need to develop a new framework to enable safe and efficient operations of highly automated drone, especially at low altitudes in urban areas, there is a window of opportunity to take advantage of the latest developments related to technological areas, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet-of-Things (IOT), 5G networks while taking into account the need to address appropriate cybersecurity requirements and specific procedures for emergency situations and management of failures. Areas for research, in addition to those listed below for larger drones, include identification and geofencing. Safety, security, privacy and environmental concerns must be addressed irrespective of the technology selected.