Russian Helicopters jointly with Tawazun first introduced the VRT500 project abroad

During the International Dubai Air Show, Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of the Rostec State Corporation), presented the project of its light VRT500 helicopter abroad for the first time. The rotorcraft model is showcased at the joint exposition of Russian Helicopters and Tawazun, an Emirati holding company.

The Russian debut of the light single-engine VRT500 helicopter developed by VR-Technologies, part of the Russian Helicopters Holding Company, took place in 2018 during HeliRussia international show. Dubai Airshow became the first foreign site, where the rotorcraft model is available to potential customers for viewing. In addition to that, the Russian Helicopters booth will showcase another development by VR-Technologies, that is, VRT300 UAV, which is also presented abroad for the first time. Both aircraft feature coaxial rotors, which ensures high side wind resistance and small dimensions making them suitable for use in the restrained urban conditions.

'Today we not only debut our joint exposition with our strategic partner Tawazun but we also present the light multipurpose VRT500 helicopter model abroad for the first time. The rotorcraft is showcased as part of the city air transportation program, which is interesting to our partners as a platform for ground-breaking solutions and technologies. We have a common vision of the future, where the key factors will be security, mobility, and comfort, which we will be able to ensure. The next very important step for us is to manufacture an experimental VRT500 prototype in the 2nd quarter 2020', stated VR-Technologies Director General Alexander Okhonko. 

The rotorcraft features the largest cargo and passenger cabin in its class with a capacity of up to 5 people; at the same time, the outline dimensions of the rotorcraft are limited due to coaxial rotor placement, which permits to use the helicopter in a restrained space.  The VRT500 is equipped with a modern avionics complex based on the 'glass cockpit' principle, and its key systems were developed by the best international manufacturers. 

The VRT500 helicopter can be produced in several configurations: passenger, multipurpose, cargo, training, VIP, and medevac. It will be the world's first medical helicopter in its segment that allows loading and unloading of the unified medical equipment through the rear cabin doors.

The VRT300 complex is developed in two configurations: cargo version (for commercial operation as part of automated logistical systems) and an extended flight range version (for monitoring land and water surface and distance sounding). Work is underway to equip VRT300 with a precise automatic seacraft landing system.