Russian Helicopters signed a dealer agreement for the supply of                        the VRT500 to Sweden

The agreement with Rotorcraft Nordic AB reflects the company's intentions to acquire ten VRT500 helicopters in a basic configuration before the year 2023. The optional equipment, as well as interior detail and exterior paint scheme of the VRT500, will be determined after the helicopter receives a type certificate and a certificate of airworthiness according to the standards of European aviation authorities EASA. An application for certification is scheduled for 2019.

‘Europe is one of the potential markets for the VRT500. With its flight and technical characteristics, the helicopter will compete with rotorcraft of the same class operating in the region,’ said Alexander Okhonko, CEO of BP-Technologies.

The technical project of the VRT500 programme was successfully completed early this year, and the development of working design documentation has begun. Tests of the first flight model will begin in second part of 2020.

‘We have already seen a lot of interest in the state-of-the-art compact VRT500 helicopter. Of course, the innovative coaxial main rotors technology is an absolute eye-opener. Furthermore with excellent performance and focus on safety we see a great potential in the VRT500, for the Northern European markets,’ – commented Gunnar Nilsson, CEO of Rotocraft Nordic AB.

He stated, that the company are also proud to be one of the launch customer having placed the largest order of 10 helicopters. An important part of the cooperation, except for the sales organization, is that will secure the best after-sales support for VRT500 customers.

The VRT500 is a lightweight single-engine helicopter with a coaxial arrangement of propellers with take-off power of 1650 kg. The machine has the most spacious passenger-and-freight cabin in its class with a capacity of up to 5 passengers and is equipped with a modern system of interactive avionics. The design solutions laid in the helicopter will allow it to reach speeds of up to 250 km / h, fly to a range of up to 860 km and hold up to 730 kg of payload. The helicopter has been created in passenger, multi-purpose, cargo, training, VIP and medical evacuation configurations.