MAKS: Russian company presents VRT500 light helicopter mockup
The VRT500 is a single-engine job with a coaxial rotor system. The designers plan to use composite materials extensively.

The aircraft’s maximum take-off weight is believed to amount to 1600 kg; it is expected to have a cruise airspeed of 230 km/h. The helicopter’s service ceiling is 6,100 m, and its range stands at 760 km. The cabin accommodates five passengers or 730 kg of cargo.

“This is a new segment for Russian Helicopters, so we are facing several tasks,” says Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky. “First, we need to create a product that will be appealing both to commercial operators and to private pilots. Second, we need to promote it to new markets, including Europe and the US, meaning that we will need to certify the aircraft on those markets.”
Russian Helicopters is positioning the VRT500 as a GA rotorcraft. The helicopter will be developed in conjunction with EU partners. It was earlier reported that Russian type certification might come in 2017. Series production is to be launched in 2020-21. The rotorcraft is expected to be pitted against Robinson Helicopter and Bell Helicopter products on the market.