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    Take off and landing Any area Payload 70 kg Operations mode 24/7 Radio range 150 km Flight duration 5 h

    New technologies efficiency

    A new unmanned rotorcraft, known as VRT300, was launched into development in 2017 to enter the rapidly evolving global market of UAVs. The VRT300 is intended for unmanned cargo deliveries, monitoring of transportation infrastructure and of communications and utilities lines owned by corporate customers. The wide variety of the VRT300 applications includes aerial mapping, comprehensive reconnaissance, monitoring and patrolling of territories, search and rescue missions, research functions, etc. The VRT300 supports day and night operations in all weather and seasons conditions.
    Operations mode 24/7 Radio range 150 km Take off and landing Any area Payload 70 kg

    Wide application range

    One of the most immediate and promising applications of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, is in the area of surveillance. Drones may be engaged in the critically important tasks of search and rescue, ensuring the safety of the public and environment. Particularly drones help Humanity by photographing crash sites, searching for lost people, inspecting natural disasters and preventing crimes. VRT300 features appropriate combination of technical characteristics, which guarantee effective surveillance for up to 600 km or up to 5 hours. This UAV is capable to perform operations at temperature from - 40 °C to + 50 °C.

    Flight duration 5 h Operations mode 24/7 Payload 70 kg Take off & landing Any area

    “Last mile” delivery

    Last-mile delivery is usually the only point of contact between a company and its customer. The delivery experience is a huge factor that determines customer satisfaction. Positive delivery experience builds loyal relationship between the business and the customer. Our solutions guarantee Safe and fast performance while the most high-priority delivery stage, where the item from a transportation hub moves to its recipient in the quickest way possible.

    Take off and landing Any area Operations mode 24/7 Payload 70 kg Radio range 150 km

    Precious and bio materials transportation

    Valuable cargo or controlled goods are vital to be delivered on time, on budget, safely and securely. For the biomaterials, air transportation is less risky and certainly quicker, than transporting them by ambulance. This cargo, essential for lives, requires innovative and at the same time safe technologies, introduced by VR-Technologies.

    Technical specifications

  • Metric
  • Imperial
  • General
    Service ceiling 3 500 m
    Maximum data link range 150 km
    MTOW 350 kg
    Payload 70 kg
    Maximum External Suspended Load 50 kg
    Fuel load 90 l
    Maximum speed 180 km/h
    Operating Temperature -40 ÷ +50 °С
    Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind Velocity 15 m/s
    Operation Mode Day & night ops
    Maximum flight range 300 km
    Flight duration 5 h
    Service ceiling 11 483 ft
    Maximum data link range 81 nmi
    MTOW 716 lb
    Payload 154 lb
    Maximum External Suspended Load 110 lb
    Fuel load 23,8 US gal
    Maximum speed 97 ktas
    Operating Temperature -40 ÷ 122F
    Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind Velocity 7,5 kts
    Operation Mode Day & night ops
    Maximum flight range 162 nmi
    Flight duration 5 h