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    Cabin 1+5 seats Max range 860 km Max speed 250 km/h Payload 730 kg MTOW 1,650 kg

    8 configurations in 1 helicopter

    Whatever your mission, whether it involves passengers, cargo, medical evacuation or public safety, the VRT500 is the solution. Quick and easy to convert into 8 different configurations and the only helicopter in its class with rear-loading doors, it always responds to your needs, demonstrating outstanding operational flexibility. Safety is always our number one priority. Combining coaxial main rotor technology, gold-standard PW200 engine, state-of-the-art avionics with autopilot, crashworthy fuel system and energy absorbing seats, the VRT500 has both better flight control and maneuvering in limited urban spaces and greater wind resistance. Have a closer look and you will find only the very best, industry-leading technological solutions. With stylish design features inspired by the automobile industry and a luxurious, biggest-in-its-class cabin, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the very best helicopter-flight experience. Download VRT500 Specification Technical specifications
    Cabin 1 + 1 seats Second pilot flight control kit Fail case simulation kit


    In the basic configuration our helicopter has equipped the necessary equipment to achieve this flight performance.

    Cabin 1 + 5 seats Integrated air management system User-friendly app

    Air taxi

    Carry more passengers and increase your client base with our air taxi configuration. Offering a highest-in-its-class, 5 energy-absorbing, passenger seats, the VRT500 leads the way among light, single-engine helicopters and comes with a spacious compartment for luggage or cargo. Missions: - Airport charter - City air taxi - City to city

    Cabin 1 + 4 seats Big luggage compartment Integrated air management system


    The passenger configuration has enough room for up to 5 seats, with low noise and vibration signature and a cargo compartment.

    Cabin 1 + 3 seats Max speed 250 km/h Executive interior

    Business and Corporate

    Beat the clock with our On-Demand-Mobility and get to where you need to be on time, while relaxing in first-class, cabin interiors. The executive model comes with bespoke options, 2 luxury seats, a rear passenger-seat console and individual lighting. With the benefit of low noise and vibration signature, you can enjoy the high life, while travelling in unrivalled space, comfort and style.

    Cabin 1 + 1 seats Second pilot flight control kit Fail case simulation kit


    Using coaxial technology, our training configuration features a second control kit for the co-pilot. Ideal for a range of missions, such as flight training or medical personnel training.

    Cabin 2 + 5 seats Monitoring FLIR, LIDAR Equipment Search light

    Public safety

    The public safety model features external loudspeakers, search lights and thermal imagery systems and can accommodate up to 5 harness seats. Fast, compact and flexible, the VRT500 can locate targets rapidly.

    Cabin 1 + 1 seats door loading Back & side Payload 730 kg


    Precious metals, biomaterial transportation, online-retail or last-mile deliveries, the flexible VRT500 is ideal for moving any cargo. The generous cabin dimensions and extra-wide, rear-loading doors, offer you greater cargo space and faster-loading capability.

    Cabin 1 + 2 seats equipment Medical loading Rear door


    Swift and timely emergency care can save lives in critical situations. The HEMS configuration comes with a customized module (HEMS provisions for all medical equipment) with a specially designed medical floor and linings. -Medical cabinet, seat, rack and spotlight -Comprehensive medical equipment kit comparable to larger dual helicopter standards -Stretcher -Oxygen bottle rack -Improved airborne passenger care capability and stretcher loading through rear doors

    Technical specifications

  • Metric
  • Imperial
  • General
    MTOW 1 650 kg
    Maximum Range 860 km
    Useful load 730 kg
    Maximum Endurance 5,8 h
    Hovering ceiling 4 100 m
    Service ceiling 6 080 m
    Cruise speed 240 km/h
    Maximum speed 250 km/h
    Cabin Floor Area 4,33 m2
    Cabin volume 5,3 m3
    General capacity 1 pilot + 5 pax
    Empty weight 920 kg
    External load 900 kg
    MTOW 3 640 lb
    Maximum Range 465 nmi
    Useful load 1 610 lb
    Maximum Endurance 5,8 h
    Hovering ceiling 13 450 ft
    Service ceiling 19 948 ft
    Cruise speed 130 ktas
    Maximum speed 135 ktas
    Cabin Floor Area 46,61 ft2
    Cabin volume 187 ft3
    General capacity 1 pilot + 5 pax
    Empty weight 2 030 Ib
    External load 1 985 Ib